Thursday, 3 December 2015

What to Do in Semeling, Kedah?

Semeling is a small town near to Sungai Petani and Merbok, Kedah. This humble town had become famous with their cheap price food and beautiful scenery. Many people would go for street food - satay, 'lobak', porridge and also fried fish noodle. It has recently been put on the tourist map of Kedah for street art which painted on the walls of the back-street of the town. Now, let's us see on what should do and what should eat in Semeling!

1.       Enjoying the famous food

Fried fish noodle
Fish porridge

Address: Robert’s Stall (Kedai Kopi Nam Hooi), Semeling, Kedah.
       * Satay stall is outside of the shop.

2.      Taking photo of street art


3.      Sightseeing on paddy field

4.      Visiting Semeling Jetty and mangrove forest
Semeling Jetty

Mangrove trees

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